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PLECS Web-Based Simulation


With Web-Based Simulation (WBS) you can share PLECS models online with a broad audience. The model above shows a boost converter simulated with WBS. Models are developed offline with a standard PLECS license and then uploaded onto a simulation server. These models can be embedded in any web page. WBS requires a separate license and is typically used for the following purposes:


As a component manufacturer, you can demonstrate the performance of your products in a specific application. Help the engineer quickly select the optimum components.

Make visiting your website an interactive and efficient experience. Decide what parameters the user can change, such as load behaviors, component ratings, or control schemes. Point the web page visitor to the essential aspects of your circuit. The simulation results are visualized with waveforms and data tables. The visitor can compare the effect of parameter variations directly.

Any visitor to your web page can immediately start a simulation without the hassle of installing software or logging on. He will quickly get an overview of using your components in his application. PLECS WBS is a great way to present your products' performance to many people.


PLECS WBS is a powerful tool for teaching. Lecturers can share PLECS models with their students to demonstrate the working principle of a circuit. Selected converter topologies are already available at the Plexim Academy. By obtaining a PLECS WBS license, you can set up your simulation server to present any model you have designed.

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