PLECS Processor-in-the-Loop (PIL) Add-On


**Users MUST purchase the PLECS Licenses prior this Add-On license.**


With the PLECS PIL package, this can be done by tying actual code executing on real hardwareinto the virtual world of a PLECS model.


Instead of reading the physical sensors, values calculated by the simulation tool are used as inputs to the embedded algorithm. Similarly, outputs of the control algorithms executing on the processor are fed back into the simulation to drive the virtual environment.


This approach can expose platform-specific software defects such as overflow conditions and casting errors. PIL simulations can also detect and analyze potential problems related to the multi-threaded execution of control algorithms, including jitter and resource corruption.



PLECS PIL Add-On License

Licensing Options
Customer Types
Quantity (Only for Academic Customer)
    •  Individual License, the licensee can choose between either user-based or computer-based licensing.


    • Concurrent Licenses allow multiple users to access the software from computers that are connected to a central license server. The number of simultaneous users is limited by the number of installed Concurrent Licenses. Each Concurrent License may be installed on one license server only.


    • Dongle License allows the software to be installed on one or more computers. Any person may use the software on the computer that is connected to a specific hardware dongle, provided that the software is operated from the computer's console. Currently, Dongle Licenses run under Windows and Mac OS only.
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