PLECS Combo License

PLECS Combo licenses allow to use both PLECS Blockset and Standalone.


PLECS Blockset is an extension for Simulink from The MathWorks. MATLAB and Simulink are required for running PLECS Blockset.PLECS Standalone is an independent simulation software. It has no connection to MATLAB/Simulink.

PLECS Combo License

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PLECS License Annual Lease Program (1Year)
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  • PLECS licenses are typically tied to a combination of your personal login name and the 12-character hexadecimal MAC address of the local area network (LAN) ethernet card in your computer.

    You can obtain this information from within PLECS application (both PLECS Standalone & PLECS Blockset) as follows:

    • Select "PLECS License Manager" from the menu "Help" in the schematic editor.
    • Click "Get HostID...."
    • Click "Copy to clipboard" to copy the text to your system clipboard so that you can conveniently paste it (e.g. into an email or a web form.)