PLECS® is the tool of choice for high-speed simulations of power electronic systems.



  • PLECS Blockset is an extension for Simulink from The MathWorks.

    **MATLAB and Simulink are required for running PLECS Blockset**


  • PLECS Standalone is an independent simulation software.

    **It has no connection to MATLAB/Simulink**


  • PLECS Combo licenses allow to use both PLECS Blockset and Standalone.


Licensing Options:

  • Individual License, the licensee can choose between either user-based or computer-based licensing. 


  • Concurrent Licenses allow multiple users to access the software from computers that are connected to a central license server. The number of simultaneous users is limited by the number of installed Concurrent Licenses. Each Concurrent License may be installed on one license server only.


  • Dongle License allows the software to be installed on one or more computers. Any person may use the software on the computer that is connected to a specific hardware dongle, provided that the software is operated from the computer's console. Currently, Dongle Licenses run under Windows and Mac OS only.



PLECS (Software License Only)

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