The B-Box is a rapid control prototyping (RCP) system for power electronic applications. Thanks to the high flexibility of its software and hardware, it facilitates the experimental validation of power converters control techniques.


The system is fully programmable, including both its DSP and FPGA, so that even the most advanced control algorithms can be effectively tested in a laboratory environment. The RCP target also supports real-time monitoring and debugging.


2x ARM 1GHz Processor

The control hardware is centered around a Xilinx Zynq 7030 SoC, with the fastest available speed grade. It features a dual-core ARM processor, clocked at 1 GHz.


4ns PWM resolution

Thanks to its Kintex-grade FPGA logic, the digital controller offers 32 PWM blocks, with a time resolution of 4 ns. This guarantees a duty-cycle resolution of 2 % at 5 MHz.


134x User I/Os

The power converter controller offers great flexibility for the most demanding applications, with an entirely configurable analog front-end and a large number of digital I/Os.


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