Fully-programmable DSP+FPGA controller for product-embedded applications

The B-Board PRO is an embeddable digital controller that can be fully programmed using Simulink, PLECS, or C/C++. It is fully compatible with and operates identically to the B-Box RCP prototyping system.



Our programmable control module, based on Xilinx Zynq, can have both its DSP and FPGA sections fully customized using our software development environment. It is ideally suited for demanding power electronic applications and advanced converter control techniques, which require powerful computational capabilities and complete software/firmware flexibility.


Typical applications include industrial inverters and rectifiers, motor drives, multilevel inverters, and all modular converter topologies. That said, our embedded converter controller can be involved in almost all applications where a fully-programmable controller is needed.


The exact compatibility between B-Box RCP and B-Board PRO allows benefitting from the increased flexibility of the prototyping controller during developments while using a product-embeddable variant during series production.


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B-Board PRO