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Updated: Feb 2, 2021

In most cases, our customers contact us through email and instant messaging. Our website traffic is actually very small. Most customers can directly obtain all the resources, including installation packages, product specifications, from the original website of our agent. , Even the price is as transparent and stable as ever.

But the 2020 epidemic, let us rethink what our own website can also provide information that customers often need, and share some of the original factory website traffic. We concluded that the following are the most used services:

1. Product tutorial video

2. Pricing & quotation

3. Activities calendar

4. Files download, including products literature, software installation..etc

5. Online chat system

It is actually unnecessary to maintain a complex but uninteresting website function, so our new website removes some functions that we think are redundant.

Our team is small, so the reconstruction of the website will take some time to complete gradually. I hope that the new website can take on more service resources. I hope this year will be a smooth one!

大部分的情况下, 我们的客户都是透过电邮与即时通讯联系我们, 我们的网站流量其实非常少, 多数客户可以直接从我们代理的原厂网站上取得所有的资源, 包括安装包, 产品规格, 甚至是价格也是一如继往的透明且稳定.

但是2020年的疫情, 让我们重新思考我们自己的网站还能够提供哪些客户经常需要的资讯, 并且分担部分原厂网站的流量, 我们归纳出以下几个是最多人使用的服务:

1. 产品的教学视频

2. 参考价与询价

3. 活动行事历

4. 各类文件档案下载, 包括产品的文宣, 安装包与范例

5. 即时通讯

维护一个复杂但是乏人问津的网站功能其实是不必要的, 因此我们新的网站移除了一些我们认为是多余的功能.

我们的团队不大, 因此网站的重新建构需要一点时间逐步完成, 期待新的网站能够承担更多的服务资源. 并希望今年会是顺利的一年!


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