Upgrade your PLECS to ver.4.5

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

In January 2021, Plexim released the latest version of the PLECS 4.5 software update. This version provides many new features, please try it out and provide us with your experience.

在2021一月, Plexim释出最新版本的PLECS 4.5软件更新. 这个版本提供了许多全新的功能, 请各位使用者试用并提供给我们您的使用心得.

What are the new changes?

  • The new FMU block enables you to include Model-Exchange Functional Mockup Units created by other simulation tools in your PLECS models.

  • There are two new Phase Locked Loop implementations: PLL (Single-Phase) and PLL (Three-Phase).

  • The new Multiport Signal Switch allows you to switch between multiple signals depending on a control signal.

  • The new Dynamic Signal Selector allows you to select or reorder elements of a vector signal depending on a control signal

  • The Integrator has been enhanced with an option to wrap the integrator state between given limits.

  • The Transport Delay has been enhanced with an option to specify the delay time with a control signal instead of a parameter.

  • You can now configure PLECS to show link indicators on components that link back into a library.

  • The Generic PLECS Coder target has been enhanced with an option to create separate output and update functions instead of a single step function.

  • PLECS Standalone has a new default variable-step solver auto that automatically switches from the non-stiff DOPRI solver to the stiff. RADAU solver if a model is found to become stiff during a simulation.

  • The new Model Reference block in PLECS Standalone allows you to reuse a subsystem from one model in another model via a link so that the referencing subsystem is updated automatically when the original subsystem is changed.

  • The new solver option OutputTimes enables you to specify the time values for which you wish to retrieve output signal values when running a simulation from an Octave script or via the XML-RPC interface.

  • PLECS Blockset now has a Demo Mode analogous to the Demo Mode of PLECS Standalone. The Demo Mode allows you to use PLECS without a license. You can freely edit models and run simulations, but saving models is disabled.

  • PLECS Blockset now supports the “Fast Restart” feature of Simulink.

Single-Phase PLL block:

This block implements two different types of a single-phase Phase Locked Loop (PLL). The single-phase PLL component provides at its output terminals an estimation of the input signal frequency, signal amplitude, and the phase-angle.


  • 新的FMU块使您可以在PLECS模型中包括由其他仿真工具创建的模型交换功能模型单元。

  • 有两种新的锁相环实现方式:PLL(单相)和PLL(三相)。

  • 新的多端口信号开关使您可以根据控制信号在多个信号之间切换。

  • 新的动态信号选择器允许您根据控制信号选择或重新排列矢量信号的元素。

  • 对积分器进行了增强,可以选择将积分器状态包装在给定的限制之间。

  • 传输延迟得到增强,可以选择使用控制信号而不是参数来指定延迟时间。

  • 现在,您可以配置PLECS,以在链接回库的组件上显示链接指示符。

  • 通用PLECS编码器目标已增强,可以选择创建单独的输出和更新功能,而不是单步功能。

  • PLECS Standalone拥有新的默认可变步长求解器自动功能,如果在仿真过程中发现模型适用于刚性求解的计算,可自动从非刚性求解器DOPRI切换到刚性求解器RADAU。

  • PLECS Standalone中新的模型参考模块允许您通过链接重用另一个模型中一个模型的子系统,以便在更改原始子系统时自动更新参考子系统。

  • 新的求解器选项OutputTimes使您可以指定从Octave脚本或通过XML-RPC接口运行仿真时希望检索输出信号值的时间值。

  • PLECS Blockset现在具有一个演示模式,类似于PLECS Standalone的演示模式。演示模式使您无需许可证即可使用PLECS。您可以自由编辑模型并运行仿真,但是已禁用保存模型。

  • PLECS Blockset现在支持Simulink的“快速重启”功能。


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