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Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Since the introduction of RT Box 1 in 2016, Plexim has been continuously improving for five years, and now has a complete series of products available.

自从2016年问世的RT Box 1, 五年来Plexim一直持续改进, 现在已经有完整的系列产品提供

Where is the difference?

A simple answer is, the difference is the number of processor cores and the number of I/Os.

Since the focus of the RT Box design is low cost, flexibility and ease of use, the processor uses SoC architecture (ARM + FPGA) instead of full FPGA computing. The advantage of this is that when processing complex models, it can be slowed down Step size, it can still perform acceptable real-time calculations (although there is no way to achieve a step size less than 1ms).

If you really need more performance, you can rely on multiple RT Box 1 in parallel for simulation.

Over the years, users have responded that connecting multiple RT Box 1 in parallel is not a small expense, often just because more I/O is needed, another RT Box 1. Therefore, RT Box 2 and RT Box 3 It was launched in response to this demand.

RT Box 3 is currently our flagship product. Compared to RT Box 1, there are three times more available processor cores for simulation, twice as many available I/Os, what else is lacking for HIL/RCP applications?

Different from users who need stronger performance and more I/O interfaces, schools may think that the cost of building a simulation classroom and deploying a large number of RT Boxes is expensive. Students will only use these devices to do some simple model simulations, such as Buck, BLDC, FOC and NPC, RT Box CE would be an ideal choice.


由于RT Box设计的重点在于低成本, 弹性与容易使用, 因此处理器选用SoC架构(ARM + FPGA), 而非全FPGA运算. 这样做的好处是在处理复杂模型时, 可以藉由演缓运算步长, 仍能执行可接受的实时运算(虽然没有办法达到低于1ms的步长).

如果真的需要更多的性能, 则可以靠多台RT Box 1并联来进行仿真.

不過多年来使用者也反应, 多台RT Box 1并联也是一笔不小的费用, 往往只是因为需要更多的I/O数量, 就要购买另外一台RT Box 1. 因此RT Box 2与RT Box 3就是因应这个需求而推出.

RT Box 3是目前我们的旗舰产品, 相较于RT Box 1, 多了三倍可用的处理器核心用于仿真 (想像您等于有了三台RT Box 1合并的性能), 多了两倍可用的 I/O (等于有64in/64out的数字接口, 还有32in/32out的analog接口), 用于电力电子的实时仿真HIL/RCP需求, 还有什么是不足的?

不同于需要更强的性能与更多的I/O接口的使用者, 用于教学用途的学校可能认为建立一个仿真教室且大量部署RT Box 的成本是昂贵的. 学生们只会用这些设备做一些简单的模型仿真, 例如Buck, BLDC, FOC, NPC之类的简易模型. RT Box CE会是理想​​的选则.

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