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About INFOMATIC Pte. Ltd.


Since 2008, it has been separated from the software business unit of INDUSTRADE Co., Ltd. in Taiwan, INFOMATIC Pte. Ltd. in Singapore provides a variety of solutions for power electronics simulation for academic and commercial customers in Greater China and Southeast Asia territories.


Due to the rapid growth of the market in China, we have established Yingfumei (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen in 2018 to provide more appropriate and immediate product services for local Chinese users.


We currently represent Plexim and Imperix's power electronics system simulation and rapid prototyping related software and hardware products, providing customers with complete solutions from offline simulation to online real-time simulation, from design verification to building a physical platform.


About Plexim GmbH


Plexim GmbH was founded as a spinoff company from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH Zurich in June 2002.  It was first hosted by the Power Systems Laboratory at the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering.  In February 2005, the headquarters were moved to Technopark Zurich to accommodate the company's growth.


In April 2009, Plexim opened an office in Cambridge, Massachusetts to provide direct technical support to our North American customers. With offices in Zurich and the Boston area and the support of local representatives worldwide, included INFOMATIC. 


Plexim is a global leader in simulation software for power electronic systems. Our software, PLECS, enables customers to speed up product development and innovation by reducing design time and cost.


About Imperix AG


Imperix develops high-end control equipment and prototyping hardware for power electronics, drives, smart grids, and related topics. Its products are designed to enable cutting-edge innovation in corporate and academic environments. They are especially valued for their ability to accelerate the implementation of laboratory-scale power converters and facilitate the derivation of high-quality experimental results.


The company also offers various levels of integration services, intended to assist its customers in their prototyping activities. As such, its offering ranges from the delivery of plug-and-play hardware and software to that of fully customized systems involving specialized control software algorithms.


Imperix ltd. is established in Sion, Switzerland. Its name is derived from the Latin verb "imperare", which stands for controlling – or ruling – and refers to the company’s core business: the control of power electronic systems. It is a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL).


About ABB Semiconductors


ABB Semiconductors, Switzerland, is a world class manufacturer of large area / high voltage power semiconductors.


ABB is a global leader in manufacturing high-power semiconductors for rail, power transmission & distribution, renewable and industrial applications. These products are key components for power electronics technologies, which enable, for example, improved energy efficiency or the integration of renewable energy into the electricity grid. 


ABB’s ongoing investment in Bi-Polar and BiMOS Technology offers a complete range of high power semiconductors. This investment coupled with more than 50 years experience in some of the most demanding applications in high power electronics gives you the assurance of working with the partner whose reputation for innovation, technology, reliability, and service has become a benchmark in the industry.


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